Writing & Editing Services

I am a lifelong lover of the written word. Growing up, I wrote short stories constantly, beginning at age seven with a series called “Graveyard Goonies” and continuing with a mystery series called “The Casner Boys.” In professional settings, I’ve always found surprising delight in crafting emails and website copy.

Now, as a Writing and Scholarship Fellow, PhD candidate, editor, and writing coach, I love working with others to help them develop and cultivate their skills as writers.

You can learn more about my editing & writing work here.

Services I offer include:

Writing Coaching
This is collaborative one-on-one work designed to cultivate your strengths and empower you as a writer. Areas of focus include academic writing, essays, and assorted forms of non-fiction. I offer both one-time and ongoing sessions.

Whether you’re looking for an editor for academic work, essays, fiction, or website/product copy, I can work with you to help refine your work and bring your vision to fruition. Focus can be on detail-level technical editing, larger structural or organizational elements of writing, proofreading, or all of the above.

I work with people to help craft an organization or individual’s message and convey what it is that they offer to the world. I have years of experience writing website copy for non-profit organizations and startups.

Written Communication
The subtleties of written communication in today’s world are so important and so often neglected. If you need support in crafting just the right email or letter to communicate something, whether complex or straightforward, personal or professional, I will work with you to understand what you need to convey and help you craft the message you want to get across.

You can see my CV here to learn more about my experience as an academic, writer, and teacher.

You can read some of my writing here.

You can hear my conversations about ideas, scholarship, creativity, and more on the Subversive Studies podcast here.

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